Movement - light as a feather

Ondal makes movement possible with its product range:

  • Lighting systems
  • Monitor suspension systems for imaging processes
  • X-ray protection systems
  • Video systems
  • Supply systems for
    • Surgery
    • Endoscopy
    • Anesthesia
    • Intensive Care Units
    • Industrial applications

    Four good reasons to opt for Pendant systems from Ondal.

    Ondal Pendant systems - perfect movement of loads and optimized supply systems.
    Ondal systems are designed to facilitate movement, support loads and supply medical equipment with electrical, gas, or data.

    Ondal - 40 years of experience on the international stage of medical and industrial applications.
    Extensive expertise in the worldwide development and manufacture of Pendant systems and the associated sophisticated level of product development distinguish Ondal. This company is your capable partner for moving, supporting and supplying medical and industrial equipment.

    Ondal safety - focus on quality
    A comprehensive quality management system at every production step, process level, and product stage guarantees that exacting quality standards are met from the development phase to the actual delivery. Products manufactured by Ondal are approved for the European market (CE marking) and for the North American market (UL marking). This ensures that Ondal's customers receive a product that meets the highest quality standards, is safe to use and features a long service life.

    Ondal - ODM and OEM
    We work exclusively with manufacturers as a supplier of "Original Design Manufacturer" and "Original Equipment Manufacturer"  products. You can put your trust in Ondal to be a reliable supplier of ODM and OEM products who is recognized on a global stage for providing product solutions for medical, laboratory, and industrial applications.