Flexible base for reliable diagnostics - monitor carrier systems from Ondal.

Monitor carrier systems from Ondal are utilized for radiological imaging and endoscopic imaging during surgery. Ondal offers a wide range of arms, fittings and adapters to conveniently position a single monitor or a robust suspension system that can accommodate up to eight monitors. Ondal can provide a carrier system for flat screen monitors made by any of the common manufacturers.

Monitor carrier systems:

  • for monitors of all leading manufacturers
  • for multi-monitor suspension unit from 19 to 30 inches
  • for single-monitor suspension unit up to 56 inches
  • with VESA interfaces
  • can be used with height-adjustable spring and motor arms and with fixed systems

Interesting facts about monitor suspension systems

  • Ondal offers wall- or ceiling-mounted spring arms 
  • With power and data cables fully enclosed for superior hygiene
  • Flexible tilt angles provide optimal monitor positioning of adjacent screens
  • Can be combined with the following support arm models: ACROBAT 2000, ACROBAT 3000, OndaSpace, Multimovement Pendant 85, 90  200, depending on the number of monitors, weight, size, and cabling of the monitors

Ondal service:
Ondal will gladly provide you with a simple plug-and-play solution for your cables, including the installation of monitors and integration of the cables through the Ondal product. We also life cycle test all of your cables in our own laboratory. In this way, we can simulate ten years of service life. This will help you eliminate or minimize downtimes.

Validation of final product after combination with Monitor Suspension Systems is customer´s responsibility.