The Ondal MediFamily: Functionality meets Design

The MediFamily from Ondal, consisting of the systems MediBoom® und MediLift®, has been designed to meet all requirements of heavy duty systems up to 1,000 kg in the medical field. Whether it is Surgery, Endoscopy, Anesthesia or Diagnosis, our ceiling pendants create a clearly structured work environment and enable efficient workflows for the medical staff. 

MediBoom® with Service Head M6
MediLift® spring arm with CEMOR® monitor carrier
MediBoom® tandem system for Intensive Care Units

Result of extensive experience and researc

With the development of the MediFamily Ondal has included the experience of decades as well as extensive customer feedbacks and that way set new standards in the area of ceiling supply units:

  • MediDesign: Our ceiling pendants are not just high-performing, they also have been developed with high consideration of attractive design – perfectly matching the requirements of modern operating rooms. 
  • Smooth surfaces and the avoidance of unnecessary screws facilitate cleaning the systems and the compliance with highest hygiene standards.
  • The generous space for cables and hoses inside the arms makes the supply of a variety of medical devices so easy.
  • The electro-magnetic braking system “eBrake” does not require maintenance. The innovative bearings ensure smooth-running systems that can be moved with ease. 
  • The BrakeGuide virtually provides optical feedback and signals where the brake was released. This eliminates the risk of faulty operation and offers the best usability.
  • The SurroundLED creates a comfortable light that adds additional security. 


Validation of final product after combination with MediBoom® is customer´s responsibility.

MediBoom® with integrated SurroundLED for more safety and comfort
MediDesign - Attractive design due to smooth surfaces
BrakeGuide - optical feedback of the brake