Smooth travel and predictable positioning

Unrivalled reach

VALiA performance is convincing: The spring arms deliver the market’s largest vertical articulation (+45°/-70°) and angle of rotation (360° with stop). This unmatched freedom of movement enables the OR staff to place lights, displays and other medical devices in the perfect position every time, regardless of the procedure. From simple to complex cases, whether standing or seated, VALiA delivers OR equipment wherever it is needed.

Plus: With our now available HDC technology and its high definition commutators VALiA offers unlimited rotation of surgical lights and medical monitors. The rotating coaxial connector and the special Ondal coax cable care for the transmission of up to 4K video signals, power and low frequency signals.

That way OR staff members can now perform procedures using real-time, ultra-high-definition images made possible by no-delay, direct signal transmission.



NoDrift Brake

The most important aspect of suspended OR equipment is placement. Nurses and surgeons must have confidence that when a light or display is placed in a certain location that it stays there. The patient’s life depends on it. VALiA delivers on this promise with another innovation, the "NoDrift" Brake System. This system is patented and it has two main advantages over previous designs. 

First, the brake is constructed of concave and convex contacts, leading to absolutely reliable positioning accuracy. VALiA doesn’t drift. Second, the brake mechanism is very easy to maintain and the service interval has been significantly reduced. The brake screws only require adjustment once every two years, which leads to enormous savings and an incredibly low cost of ownership.