Technical service

Service is an essential part of the overall solutions we provide for our customers. Skilled Ondal technicians support you onsite and ensure that Ondal Pendant systems work properly.

Our service center is the central point you can contact for the installation and servicing of Ondal Pendant systems. Our technical services include:

  • A staff of highly qualified and motivated employees who are continually trained, internally and externally. They are the pillars of the successful collaboration with our customers. Our seasoned staff members are happy to be at your service with their extensive expertise. 
  • On site technical support and consultation services to be able to make decisions quickly and to provide customers with the required planning security. 
  • System installation
    We install your ONDAL systems in European countries. Together with you we agree on the scope of installation work: which tasks would you like to complete and which tasks would you like ONDAL to carry out? 
  • Installation training for your employees because well-trained personnel are vital to success. For this reason we offer training courses that can be individually mixed and matched. On site we impart profound knowledge on the installation, servicing and product handling of ONDAL systems. 
  • Comprehensive operating personnel instruction provided by our service technicians ensures that operating personnel are able to properly operate and handle ONDAL systems. Instruction is not limited to only safety-relevant aspects because inadequately instructed personnel may in effect lead to significant additional costs when it comes to the operation of medical equipment. Training and instructions provided by us ensure the proper use of our systems thus minimizing downtimes due to improper handling.
  • Servicing ONDAL systems
    Carefully performed servicing and maintenance tasks ensure a long service life of ONDAL systems. Inspections completed by us at regular intervals prevent defects and downtimes, allow for calculable maintenance and operating costs and preserve the value of ONDAL systems.
  • A large warehouse of replacement parts makes sure that replacement parts are promptly and cost-effectively available. This is the premise of a successful, customer-focused service concept. Our customers benefit from our efficiency when it comes to planning for, coordinating and providing replacement parts.
  • Ondal repair center
    Our well-trained service team at Ondal's repair center is always at your service in case of claims under warranty or repairs subject to a charge.
  • Maintenance agreements
    Benefit from our extensive experience in the proper maintenance of our products.
    We offer tailored maintenance agreements and various maintenance levels with individually fixed processes.
  • System retrofitting and conversions
    Your requirements on the ONDAL system have changed? After reviewing the feasibility of the undertaking, we will retrofit your Ondal system onsite or equip it with the required components.
  • On site system deinstallation
    Our trained personnel are at your service should you need to relocate or replace your Ondal system.