The universal pro - the ACROBAT 3000 from Ondal.

One system for all applications - the ACROBAT 3000 from Ondal is a reliable, universal system that provides for a broad range of options for medical applications. This wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted system supports monitors, camera systems and surgical lights in clinical applications.


  • designed for loads up to 30 kg 
  • more than 360-degree swivel angle of support arms
  • 330-degree swivel angle of support arms with anti-twist safeguard due to interior supply lines
  • three-, five-, seven- or nine-pole commutators in swivel joints for power supply and signal transmission

Advantages of ACROBAT 3000:

  • High-quality bearings for ease of movement.
  • The precision parallel guide during height adjustment ensures the optimal positioning of terminal equipment.
  • Interior cabling reduces potential trip hazards and lets you clean the system more thoroughly.

Ondal service:

Ondal offers connection elements such as brackets and monitor supports for the adaptation of surgical lights and medical monitors.
Please keep in mind that every interface can be customized and manufactured according to customer specifications.


Validation of final product after combination with ACROBAT 3000 is customer´s responsibility.